Sharp Relief

by Sam Hanlan

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released November 22, 2019


all rights reserved



Sam Hanlan Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: No One Escapes
What a waste of skin
the man you let in
and what a price to have paid
to have it your way
I'm amazed you stayed
I mean, what an ugly place
not strong enough to call his bluff
or leave the love to rust.

I will always have my sympathies for you
let's loosen up the bandages, inspect the wounds
I'll show you mine, you show me yours
we've nothing to prove
we're just a pair of hypochondriacs in bloom.

You: trained to stay
a little faith couldn't save you
no better off getting lost
with the one who
couldn't hope to stay afloat.

Turned up one day, took it all away
what a waste of space
he's all guts and no brains,
but the heart breaks all the same
and no one escapes
trying desperately to come clean
fuck sake, just say what you mean
or do me the decency
and leave me be.
You: trained to stay
blamed away that behaviour
no better off getting lost
with the one who couldn't hope
to stay afloat.

Let me help you man, 'cus I have been there
and I can tell you that it don't go anywhere
you've got to stack your needs
against your reasons, please
you're about halfway to the door
and I'm going back for more
and more
and more.
Track Name: Coming Easy
Oh, ply the reigns
lead this old dog astray
I'd like to behave
but you're calling my name
it's just another time
and I'm just another time
and I wouldn't be ready for you
if you were mine.

It's coming easy
but it's leaving easier
and it's coming easy
but it's leaving easier.

I'll let you slip ahead
from me and my peg-leg
reserved for the curb
in the middle of the road
I'd say a vow
but it's such an empty sound
I'd rather lay down
kiss your mouth.

There is nothing in my heart
that I wouldn't take apart for you
just take a look here
there is plenty of room.
So I'll dust off my receiver
and you'll open up your signal
and I'll finally hear you rising
from the crackle of the speaker
the warmth of your sweet voice
lights a fire in my eardrums
and the coming, endless going
isn't easy, and you know it
so come on, honey, don't you make me
go it alone
don't make me.
Track Name: You Work For Me Now
If I'd only known you would slow me down
I would have chased you out
given you the slip
crossed you off of the list
and pressed for an early release
and if I'd only found higher ground
I might have survived
So just come with me, quietly
I know a place I can put you to use.

This will be your tomb: my engine room
so knuckle down
it looks like you work for me now
welcome to the house of fun
where I get all my thinking done
twenty-four years, finally in the clear
still living in the wake
of all my mistakes.

But I am not a slave driver
I've got time for ya
and I will keep you close
you'll never even know I'm there.

Lay down in the snow
a deep freeze
could really cool me down
so turn off the taps and relax
I just like having you around
we can reconcile
with a knowing smile
some piece of mind
or rattle through the days
loosen the chains
and live like free men.
But until then...

This will be your tomb: my engine room
so join the crowd
it looks like you work for me now
or am I doing it wrong
did I come on too strong
like a drunk on a crawl
too heavy, as always
they handed down the days
just camping in my grave
where I will remain
with all my mistakes.
Bleeding like a pig
over everything that you ever loved
so hold the creature down
and we'll cut it's throat
you can be my guest
believe me, this what I want
let's just get it done
breathe a sigh of relief
as we put it to rest.
Track Name: Skye
oooh oooh
Track Name: Pretty Lawns & Pearly Gates
Man is cheap to run
not easily undone
his furnace burns a duller sun
until his love is done
the head obeys the body
body's life is lonely
lovers never knowing
the fire's heat is weak
the precious dead and long gone
sat beside them so long
spat them out a swan song
but left the lights all on
so cheap and badly framed
the weening and the waned
hang thin across these days
and he can't be loved again.

But I can
and I will
in our bed
that's where we'll live
the master of my callow heart
the dye is cast, now
so where to start
and sure enough
easy to love.

Where exactly is the line
that I drew the last time
hands have never been so
dirty by design
heaven opened up its gates
but I went round the back way
had myself a long stay
and left the way I came
dig a little hole, where
the man can call his home, where
silence fills the air, where
the devil makes his lair.
Or live a little larger
we can farm a little harder
we can walk a little farther
and love a little, too.

We're sailing hard along the causeway
strapped with nothing more to say
they'll pick apart any words you'll find
and you can't have mine
so are you ready to die
pinch yourself and feel alive
sail away to the other place
with the pretty lawns and pearly gates.
Send a letter when you arrive
let me know that you'll be alright
in the vault, you can look inside
it'll probably be time.

But I can
and I will
in our bed
that's where we'll live
the bodies piled up in my mind
the dye is cast, now
so where to start
and sure enough
easy to love.

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